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Tomas Peleckis, Head of sales.


Tomas Peleckis



1.       How did you start working here?
-I graduated from Siauliai Technical University and Denmark College. Also, I had University internship, so I came and stayed here.

2.       What are the responsibilities of your position? 
-I am responsible for sales team result. I am a sales director.


3.       Tell us about your education.

-I graduated from Siauliai Technical University. I have a Bachelor degree in IT. Also, I have studied IT courses at the Vitus Bering University College. Moreover, I have studied a lot of marketing, sales and IT business courses.


4.       What inspires you in this job?

-I was always interested in IT. Also, I feel good in communication with others. I enjoy helping people to find a solution.


5.       Which parts of this job are the most challenging for you?
-Team management. Difficult sales process and control the situation. Actually, I like that and I try to improve such skills every day.


6.       What are the competitive advantages of your data center?
-Firstly, we are very friendly with our customers. Secondly, we have own modern data center with a qualified and professional team. 

7.       How do you see the development of data center industry in 5 years?
-Actually, the last few years hosting business has been amazing growing and I see that it will be stable. Already our daily tools are connected to the Internet. For example: cars, e-books, phones – its means that in the future a lot of servers will be needed.


8.       What do you think are the most important things in the data center`s work for your clients?
-Extremely fast support, friendly sales and support team. There work only Professionals, so we can prov our customers really useful solutions.


9.       What's the last professional book you read? Which one would you recommend?
-"Steve Jobs",  "Bill Gates", "The Accidental Salesperson".


10.    What are your lifelong dreams? 

-My life long dreams are: a strong family, own business and the real best friends!


11.  What professional advises would you give for your clients?
-Just be friendly and life will be easier and you can get a better solution! Emotions work perfectly. Contact personaly with us. Stay honest and you will succeed. 


17 years in Business

Clients from over 160 countries


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