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2013-12-24 I never have any problems that they cant fix well done to you guys and gals Pale-systems
2014-02-12 I am personally very much satisfied with balticservers. Everything works as expected and we are very much happy with you. Viajes Urbis
2013-12-11 Got a quick response. Was my mistake in the first place. yet the response was very polite :) Sentiware d.o.o.
2013-11-25 Thank you very much! Your e-mail replies were quick, and technical actions were also taken quickly and in convenient time, so my everyday work was not affected! Oleg K.
2014-02-19 My best experience with BalticServers is your dependable and professional customer service that goes beyond expectations. University of Toronto
2013-11-21 Always reliable and really helpful Great service Thanks Pale-systems
2013-09-04 You are definitely one of the best hosting partner in Eastern Europe where we have server! :) I wish you a nice day! TeamViewer GmbH
2014-01-31 Great service, really quick response. Suuz Personal Design
2014-01-27 FANTASTIC Company 100/100
2013-08-04 Wonderful work and And excellent technical support Mohammed S.
2013-09-29 I'll be back any time soon! Incredible products and over all services! I'm recommending balticservers to all my friends. .
2013-08-07 operative, fast and well done, thanks for solving my prob
2014-03-19 love all baltic family! Baris Y.
2014-02-25 Very good support. Thank you! SIA KIPS
2013-06-19 Good customer service, answers always very fast. Pedro V.
2014-01-18 This Hosting It's Verry Good Hosting !
2013-07-15 really fast service, solved my issue in less than 24 hours! Thank you:)
2013-07-10 Best host i ever had :) Holm Jackson handelsbolag
2013-08-23 Support engineer answered my questions thoroughly.
2013-12-13 I'm very satisfied with the service. Javier M.
2013-10-01 I'm happy with customer service more than the service itself! thanks Ahmed R.
2014-03-12 hey provide me nice support thanks Ronnie B.
2013-11-11 Quick response, good command of English, nothing to complain about. Branislav R.
2014-03-19 I think Mr. Jonas fix my problem before he reply, and thats help me alot, thank you all. Ihab S.
2013-05-03 verry good in support
2013-08-15 Very good services helpful support A++
2013-06-06 It's realy good and fast service. We are glad to have such supliers as You.
2013-11-07 quick and perfect service. Thanks VIAJES URBIS
2013-05-21 these guys and gals are brilliant and so very helpfull. Great service!! Pale-systems
2014-03-06 I like your fast action! Blue Capstone oy
2014-01-30 good evening great service quick response well thank you Eric F.
2014-01-14 Matter resolved in timely manner. Zero complaints. Branislav R.
2013-06-20 Great service! Jose P.
2013-10-17 Fast! Convenient! Fare price!
2013-05-21 Service and support of the highest order. Chitra R.
2014-01-18 Always there to solve the problems. Thanks Evaggelia L.
2013-07-19 what I like about the support staff is the speed and also accuracy. Abdellah C.
2013-05-24 Among the best! Chitra R.
2014-02-21 Thank you for the amazing service! Gavin M.
2014-02-07 best services, thank you balticservers team Zlatin M.
2013-07-29 Thank you very much for the rapid response Erix E.
2013-05-06 good and fast response
2013-10-02 Good job done, thank you Baltic Servers UAB GALOME
2014-02-21 very fast, very friendly, 100% best Service Pic4free GmbH
2013-05-16 Very helpful, I got answer very fast, Excelent
2013-09-17 Outstanding service! Jordan M.
2013-10-05 Tomas Peleckis is very attentive, he understood what I wanted and he made the necessary for me to obtain. very reactive, I hope it stays the same. Messner N.
2014-01-20 fast and professionally. thanks Albert B.
2013-10-08 Great support. Very talented staff. Instant replies. Really Great.
2013-05-30 Thanks for giving good services. Adeel A.
2014-02-12 Great service Plano Engineering
2013-04-19 I am really happy that i have got the real mean of support in the host server market.
2013-08-28 Till now everything is just perfect. Support team answered all my questions in just few minutes. I received high quality service. Edward B.
2013-11-20 It's a very positive response . And very fast. Thanks a lot. Javier M.
2013-04-30 My opinion is very positive. I got immediately a response from your support and the problem was solved on the same day. The support was friendly. I really appreciated that. Best regards PNOS
2013-06-13 Very fast answer. Clear and precise answer. Very good specialist ! Thank you for your good services !
2012-12-14 I am really pleased with the service and help your people have given me well done to you all!! Kind Regards Barclay Pale-systems
2013-08-01 Support answered my question fast and in detail, its much appreciated! Christopher D.
2013-06-17 Оперативно, без лишних вопросов. Доволен, так продолжать и развиваться. Vitalij Š.
2013-11-01 Always there when you need anything, thank you Ecosales Mavropoulos Panagiotis
2013-09-25 thanks for your cooperation at first sight, I am very satisfied. I hope I can keep up with you for a long time thanks /MirkoDT Mirko davide tiziano V.
2013-08-21 Very helpful, very fast and helped me solve the problem Leandro F.
2013-12-18 Many thanks for your quick response and assistance UAB Euroga
2013-10-01 Prompt and proper replies. Would recommend. Thomas J.
2013-08-06 Issue was resolved. Thanks! Christopher D.
2013-11-24 best services thanks Tom T.
2013-06-23 thanks andrius! Kris S.
2014-01-07 Very helpful. Thank you. Andrew M.
2013-04-04 Customer Support is highly appreciated. Adeel A.
2014-01-01 Thank you. I am very very satisfied Abdellah C.
2013-10-09 Thank you for fast tasks solving speed! Brilliant!
2013-10-25 All questions are answered very quickly. I do think that discounts should be given to long term customers...but that can wait . Well done to all at Balticservers Pale-systems
2013-08-22 fast response, thanks
2014-03-12 Thanks. Really great support service and reply speed. Highly client oriented company. Thats the best one host I ever had! MB Baltish
2014-01-12 Very positive support, thanks "Astros navigaciju centras"
2013-08-22 Issue has been resolved and the support ticket was answered very fast, it's much appreciated. Christopher D.
2013-07-19 nice too much Mostafa A.
2013-05-28 Keep it up! Been a customer for over 1 year and dont plan to go anyware!! LOVE FROM CHILE. Jose P.
2014-02-16 A++ services and good support Gale N.
2013-12-04 Thank you for notifying the problem and providing all support to solve it. Ajay kuriakose J.
2013-12-09 fastest support ever thanks ruta :) mawasim
2013-08-26 Nice Prompt response to my enquiry...Thanks.
2013-11-11 Quickly support. That is great! Stanislavs V.
2013-09-27 Support answered quickly and the server was delivered the same day. Very good service. Janos J.
2014-03-04 your help is always effective. Very good support. keep it up. thank you Abdellah C.
2013-12-16 Excellent support. Thanks!!! Faruque A.
2014-02-27 +++++ best support .i try more hosting company , but the baltic servers are number one . thank you Claudia B.
2013-05-21 Really, i want to thank every person working in Baltic Servers, many thanks from LIBYA Mohammad A.

Instant Servers. Flexibility. 

"Our test data shows, that SSD disks are 15 times faster than regular SAS or SATA hard drives."
Martynas S., Senior Hardware Engineer


3 Core Server 2 Core Server 1 Core Server
3 CORE X3470 @ 2.93GHz 2 CORE X3470 @ 2.93GHz 1 CORE X3470 @ 2.93GHz
6144 MB (4608+1536VSwap) 4096 MB (3072+1024VSwap) 2048 MB (1536+512VSwap)
210 GB 100 GB 40 GB
100 Mbps 100 Mbps 100 Mbps
$67.70/month $48.40/month $26.20/month
Customize Customize Customize



Instant Server on SSD Cloud Infrastructure

All servers are automatically deployed in our own data center Cloud Infrastructure. Are you tired of waiting hours for a server to be set up? Order now and your virtual server will be ready to use in 3 minutes or less! Instant servers brings the power and the flexibility of a dedicated server to you at a very affordable price. Our servers give you root access, a choice of operating systems, a range of plans depending on your disk space needed, bandwidth and resource usage needs. Our Instant Servers offer the ideal interim between a web hosting account and a dedicated server. Standard and custom plans are available for your convenience.



  • Server deployment in 2 min.
  • Self management: Reinstall, Start, Stop, Restart, Flush IP tables, full rDNS management, monitoring
  • FREE backups
    Ready to use control panels - cPanel, DirectAdmin, Kloxo, ISPconfig, Webmin
  • Customer friendly client area interface
  • Qualified, multilingual and friendly support team
  • 13 years of perfecting experience



  • SSD Kingston disks arraysNEW!
  • High-End Intel Server hardware - XEON CPU's, ECC RAM, RAM SWAP
  • Market leader Parallels OpenVZ technology
  • Redundant network infrastructure


Operating systems on our servers

  • CentOS 32 or 64bit
  • Debian 32 or 64bit
  • SuSE 32 or 64bit
  • Ubuntu 32 or 64bit
  • Scientific 32 or 64bit

Other services

Price of IP addresses (for first time order) 1 IP - 1 EU/month.
For VPS max 2IP allowed. If more IPs are needed, please contact us.
Place for backups in remote server 10GB disk space - 1 EUR/month
Server maintenance (when using Cpanel or DirectAdmin) from 26 EUR/month
Server maintenance (non-standard software) by agreement
Cpanel control panel 15 EUR/month
DirectAdmin control panel 6 EUR/month 


Server Administrator Services

Many companies and private users require their own IP addresses and more dedicated resourses. And a great solution for this is dedicated server. However, it can be difficult to operate servers. Someone needs to manage storage capacity, databases, balancing server load, monitoring the server and reporting on server activity, etc. These tasks should be handled by a server administrator.

BalticServers Server Administrator service is the perfect solution if you need or have a dedicated server, but do not have the time or technical expertise to manage it. Our qualified administrators will install Linux OS and provide full maintenance of your server.


Server Administrator service includes:

  • One time PHP, MySQL, FTP, Email services installation and configuration
  • Data copying to the specified site script approximation
  • Cpanel installation (if one site-panel not required)
  • Security services installation and maintenance
  • Server monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Software updates
  • Consultation with the server-related issues
  • Price from ~26EUR/month.



Instant SSD Server

Enjoy Instant Server in only 2 minutes!

Order & Save 30%

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