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2013-12-24 I never have any problems that they cant fix well done to you guys and gals Pale-systems
2013-12-11 Got a quick response. Was my mistake in the first place. yet the response was very polite :) Sentiware d.o.o.
2014-02-12 I am personally very much satisfied with balticservers. Everything works as expected and we are very much happy with you. Viajes Urbis
2013-11-21 Always reliable and really helpful Great service Thanks Pale-systems
2013-11-25 Thank you very much! Your e-mail replies were quick, and technical actions were also taken quickly and in convenient time, so my everyday work was not affected! Oleg K.
2014-02-19 My best experience with BalticServers is your dependable and professional customer service that goes beyond expectations. University of Toronto
2013-09-04 You are definitely one of the best hosting partner in Eastern Europe where we have server! :) I wish you a nice day! TeamViewer GmbH
2014-02-27 +++++ best support .i try more hosting company , but the baltic servers are number one . thank you Claudia B.
2014-02-21 Thank you for the amazing service! Gavin M.
2013-09-27 Support answered quickly and the server was delivered the same day. Very good service. Janos J.
2014-01-20 fast and professionally. thanks Albert B.
2014-03-06 I like your fast action! Blue Capstone oy
2013-07-15 really fast service, solved my issue in less than 24 hours! Thank you:)
2014-02-16 A++ services and good support Gale N.
2014-03-12 hey provide me nice support thanks Ronnie B.
2014-02-07 best services, thank you balticservers team Zlatin M.
2013-10-05 Tomas Peleckis is very attentive, he understood what I wanted and he made the necessary for me to obtain. very reactive, I hope it stays the same. Messner N.
2013-04-30 My opinion is very positive. I got immediately a response from your support and the problem was solved on the same day. The support was friendly. I really appreciated that. Best regards PNOS
2014-01-18 This Hosting It's Verry Good Hosting !
2013-06-19 Good customer service, answers always very fast. Pedro V.
2014-02-25 Very good support. Thank you! SIA KIPS
2014-03-19 I think Mr. Jonas fix my problem before he reply, and thats help me alot, thank you all. Ihab S.
2013-07-10 Best host i ever had :) Holm Jackson handelsbolag
2013-08-21 Very helpful, very fast and helped me solve the problem Leandro F.
2013-05-24 Among the best! Chitra R.
2014-01-31 Great service, really quick response. Suuz Personal Design
2013-10-01 I'm happy with customer service more than the service itself! thanks Ahmed R.
2013-09-17 Outstanding service! Jordan M.
2013-06-06 It's realy good and fast service. We are glad to have such supliers as You.
2013-05-30 Thanks for giving good services. Adeel A.
2013-10-17 Fast! Convenient! Fare price!
2013-11-20 It's a very positive response . And very fast. Thanks a lot. Javier M.
2013-12-09 fastest support ever thanks ruta :) mawasim
2013-08-06 Issue was resolved. Thanks! Christopher D.
2013-09-29 I'll be back any time soon! Incredible products and over all services! I'm recommending balticservers to all my friends. .
2013-11-07 quick and perfect service. Thanks VIAJES URBIS
2014-01-30 good evening great service quick response well thank you Eric F.
2013-12-13 I'm very satisfied with the service. Javier M.
2013-05-21 these guys and gals are brilliant and so very helpfull. Great service!! Pale-systems
2014-01-01 Thank you. I am very very satisfied Abdellah C.
2013-10-08 Great support. Very talented staff. Instant replies. Really Great.
2013-12-18 Many thanks for your quick response and assistance UAB Euroga
2013-10-01 Prompt and proper replies. Would recommend. Thomas J.
2013-11-24 best services thanks Tom T.
2014-01-14 Matter resolved in timely manner. Zero complaints. Branislav R.
2013-08-23 Support engineer answered my questions thoroughly.
2013-08-22 fast response, thanks
2013-04-04 Customer Support is highly appreciated. Adeel A.
2013-05-21 Really, i want to thank every person working in Baltic Servers, many thanks from LIBYA Mohammad A.
2013-06-23 thanks andrius! Kris S.
2013-06-20 Great service! Jose P.
2013-08-15 Very good services helpful support A++
2013-10-09 Thank you for fast tasks solving speed! Brilliant!
2014-03-04 your help is always effective. Very good support. keep it up. thank you Abdellah C.
2013-12-04 Thank you for notifying the problem and providing all support to solve it. Ajay kuriakose J.
2014-03-12 Thanks. Really great support service and reply speed. Highly client oriented company. Thats the best one host I ever had! MB Baltish
2013-08-01 Support answered my question fast and in detail, its much appreciated! Christopher D.
2013-05-06 good and fast response
2013-05-03 verry good in support
2013-12-16 Excellent support. Thanks!!! Faruque A.
2013-08-04 Wonderful work and And excellent technical support Mohammed S.
2013-07-19 what I like about the support staff is the speed and also accuracy. Abdellah C.
2013-05-28 Keep it up! Been a customer for over 1 year and dont plan to go anyware!! LOVE FROM CHILE. Jose P.
2013-07-19 nice too much Mostafa A.
2013-08-22 Issue has been resolved and the support ticket was answered very fast, it's much appreciated. Christopher D.
2013-10-25 All questions are answered very quickly. I do think that discounts should be given to long term customers...but that can wait . Well done to all at Balticservers Pale-systems
2013-08-26 Nice Prompt response to my enquiry...Thanks.
2014-01-07 Very helpful. Thank you. Andrew M.
2013-05-21 Service and support of the highest order. Chitra R.
2014-01-27 FANTASTIC Company 100/100
2013-09-25 thanks for your cooperation at first sight, I am very satisfied. I hope I can keep up with you for a long time thanks /MirkoDT Mirko davide tiziano V.
2014-02-21 very fast, very friendly, 100% best Service Pic4free GmbH
2013-04-19 I am really happy that i have got the real mean of support in the host server market.
2013-06-13 Very fast answer. Clear and precise answer. Very good specialist ! Thank you for your good services !
2012-12-14 I am really pleased with the service and help your people have given me well done to you all!! Kind Regards Barclay Pale-systems
2013-06-17 Оперативно, без лишних вопросов. Доволен, так продолжать и развиваться. Vitalij Š.
2013-11-11 Quick response, good command of English, nothing to complain about. Branislav R.
2013-08-28 Till now everything is just perfect. Support team answered all my questions in just few minutes. I received high quality service. Edward B.
2014-01-18 Always there to solve the problems. Thanks Evaggelia L.
2013-10-02 Good job done, thank you Baltic Servers UAB GALOME
2013-08-07 operative, fast and well done, thanks for solving my prob
2014-02-12 Great service Plano Engineering
2013-07-29 Thank you very much for the rapid response Erix E.
2013-11-11 Quickly support. That is great! Stanislavs V.
2013-05-16 Very helpful, I got answer very fast, Excelent
2013-11-01 Always there when you need anything, thank you Ecosales Mavropoulos Panagiotis
2014-01-12 Very positive support, thanks "Astros navigaciju centras"
2014-03-19 love all baltic family! Baris Y.

Terms of Service

1. Account Setup

We will setup your account after we have received payment and we and/or our payment partner(s) have screened the order(s) in case of fraud. It is your responsibility to provide us with an email address which is not @ the domain(s) you are signing up under. If there is ever an abuse issue or we need to contact you, the primary email address on file will be used for this purpose. It is your responsibility to ensure the email address on file is current or up to date at all times. Providing false contact information of any kind may result in the termination of your account.

2. Content

All services provided by may only be used for lawful purposes. This includes, but not limited to: copyrighted material, material we judge to be threatening or obscene. The customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless from any claims resulting from the use of our services.

3. Payment Information

You agree to supply appropriate payment for the services received from, in advance of the time period during which such services are provided. You agree that until and unless you notify of your desire to cancel any or all services received, those services will be billed on a recurring basis. reserves the right to change the monthly payment amount and any other charges at anytime.

4. Backups and Data Loss

Your use of the service is at your sole risk. is not responsible for files and data residing on your account. You agree to take full responsibility for files and data transferred and to maintain all appropriate backup of files and data stored on servers.

5. Cancellation and Refunds

Customers may cancel services at any time. reserves the right to cancel the account at any time. gives you an no-questions-asked 30 day money back guarantee on managed virtual dedicated server hosting or shared hosting. Payment made for domain registration, WHOIS protection, SSL certificates and custom dedicated individual servers will not be refunded. Creating a dispute in PayPal resolution center will only make your refund blocked for a period of 20 days as we do not respond to disputesWe will refund all customers in a peaceful matter so all clients can receive their money quicker. Refund will be made within 10 days. Accounts cancelled/terminated by do not qualify for the 30 day money back guarantee.

6. Bandwidth Fair Use Rule

You are allocated bandwidth resources. Those resources vary depending on the services package you purchase. Should your account pass fair-use rule (permanently using more than 20% assigned bandwidth and/or abuse network), we reserve the right to set limits the account until the start of the next allocation or until more bandwidth is purchased at an additional fee.

7. Unlimited Fair Use of Resources for Shared Hosting Subscribers does not set any arbitrary limits on resource usage for the shared hosting service subscriber including (but not limited to) bandwidth and disk space, as long as the service is explicitly used for shared hosting and the subscriber is not taking a disproportional stake of resources thus harming the quality experience of other subscribers. will make any commercially reasonable effort to provide its subscribers with additional resources to run their web sites successfully, as long as the subscriber's use of the service complies with the Terms of Service. In the case of unfair resource usage, reserve the right to automatically set limits on the subscriber account.

8. Price Change reserve the right to change prices listed on, and the right to change the amount of resources given to plans at any time. Contract pricing customers will not be affected by any price change throughout the contract period. The amount you pay for hosting will never increase from the date of purchase.

9. Uptime Guarantee

Balticservers strives to maintain a 99.9% network and server uptime service level. This uptime percentage is a monthly figure, and is calculated solely by Balticservers monitoring systems authorized/contracted outside monitoring services. If Balticservers fails to meet its 99.9% uptime guarantee, and it is not due to one of the exceptions below, credits will be made available to client, upon request, on a case by case basis. Balticservers does not credit a full month's service for minor downtime. This would not be financially healthy for Balticservers, and in turn would only negatively affect the service level Balticservers provides to you. "Partial refunds for partial downtime" is our standard policy. In extreme circumstances, Balticservers may distribute full month credits, but this is dealt with on a case by case basis. Credits are issued for one month’s service only, never more.

10. Changes to the TOS

Changes to the TOS reserves the right to revise its policies at any time. The customer will be notified in advance about any such changes in 30 (thirty) days before any such changes become effective.

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