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Client Testimonials

We are proud of the feedback we have received from our clients over the years for the quality of our work and our commitment to their success.


Here are some reviews from customers with years of service from Balticservers:

2017-01-18 Great service! Jan J.
2016-12-24 I am very happy to use your services and your support team is absolutely prefect. Warsantel
2016-11-02 Very quick and polite replies. Alexander B.
2016-09-17 Thank for your support and Attention. The Best support!!!! globalvnet
2016-06-23 The support is GREAT! Issues are solved quickly and professionally. Долгов ?.
2016-05-27 Extremely responsive and very helpful. Trapkingyt .
2016-03-15 Good Service Great support thanks for everything , keep up tho great work FINCH HOST
2016-03-03 Kind staff. .
2016-03-03 all good, problem resolved promptly thanks Rd .
2016-03-02 More than positive. A perfect team that is always ready. Thank you Ergyspapa .
2016-02-29 Excellent and very prompt service..... Ibrahimknp .
2016-02-22 great and fast Support. Thanks ESTEO ADS d.o.o.
2016-02-17 Jonas has been outstanding and very supportive...!!!! Ajay kuriakose J.
2016-02-13 Very quick and professional service. Frans D.
2016-02-09 Very nice and quick support. Thanks Talhazah .
2016-01-23 First class support thank you for resolving issue so fast. kind regards Paul C.
2016-01-23 Fast response ....... Wafimedia Solusindo
2016-01-22 The support team is really great. Special thanks to Lukas Kalvėnas for providing great support. :) KOMAL TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
2016-01-19 Thank you very thank . You have helped me more than I expected, incredible service I received THANK YOU BALTIC FAMILY... im bad english sorry :) Teknikservis .
2016-01-17 A wonderful team, especially Darius, always ready to help and fix everything. Keep going.The best of all teams I have ever worked with. Ergyspapa .
2016-01-16 Very Good and fast services as we want. REZONE CARE
2016-01-15 Great technical support. Emtlak Com
2016-01-08 Excellent support 1st class many thanks Paul C.
2016-01-06 Support Team is really Good!! Thumbs Up for the team. :) KOMAL TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.
2016-01-03 The best support we need :) Albano Kaci
2015-12-26 Great service from you. I will not switch my server provider from now on. Right now I just bought the wrong server but I like the fact you are responsive to my questions. This is how you keep a client forever. Thank you! Isaia.ferri .
2015-12-26 Very good, support! All Tickets and issues are resolved within 1 hour. Mystery Shopping Inc
2015-12-09 Y'all are Great!!! many thanks Jack L.
2015-12-07 Really Great and fast help, good job and keep up the good work.:-) FINCH HOST
2015-12-04 Really good support, didn't expected that from you and your company ! Ahlaiks .
2015-12-01 very good support and great service Josef S.
2015-12-01 Excelent Attention Tatogoodshow .
2015-11-27 Great support. Thank you! N/A
2015-11-23 Thanks again for your fast response! Jedco
2015-11-21 Really helpful support engineer Fahad S.
2015-11-21 Super quick response. Amazing service! Admin B.
2015-11-18 you guys have become my family now.... Ajay kuriakose J.
2015-11-16 As always.... the best support team. I am glad that I am associated with Balticservers Ajay kuriakose J.
2015-11-16 Great Support!!! A.guerer .
2015-11-11 Very quick answer. Michele.lazzarini .
2015-11-07 Thank you for your timely support. Oded transformational Technologies p ltd
2015-11-05 Excellent service and support! Michele.lazzarini .
2015-11-04 And again- thanks, done fast with no consequent failures. Well done :) Daferson Developments Limited
2015-10-25 Ticket solved quickly :) Admin B.
2015-10-20 Thanks for great support. I am really happy for the quick solution of my problem. Dreammother .
2015-10-11 Everything went as expected. Thanks for being open with hosting privacy enabling software. Monoko S.
2015-10-07 Thanks, Really Super Support. I'm Big Van FINCH HOST
2015-09-28 Everyone was incredibly helpful and patient in getting my server setup. They stuck with me, and fixed my problems promptly! N/A
2015-09-24 Fast support, technical staff always willing to meet. Congratulations and thank you. WhoCares INC
2015-09-24 Very fast and efficient Nathan O.
2015-09-24 it's fast! :) Thanks you! Anna O.
2015-09-24 I am very satisfied with your services, polls the server delivery and to solve a problem ... Thank you, Fernando Alves Fernando A.
2015-09-23 Many thanks for the support and as usual first class support which they provide . Paul C.
2015-09-22 Friendly and competent help. Lukas.saegesser .
2015-09-21 The service too much longer than what it normally takes . However, your support personnel kept us well informed even during delay. It should be also taken into account that we could re-install server right from the user portal for many other server farms. This is a feature lacking with Baltic Servers. Oded transformational Technologies p ltd
2015-09-21 fantastic service . I am satified Javed I.
2015-09-17 very nice and helpful support always answer query on time and fastly really appriciated Mohsin .
2015-09-17 the quick turnaround is appreciate Activity Stream ehf
2015-09-12 I have very good experience with baltic servers support and sales team so far, they all are very positive and helpful for me when every i need them. If my project will successfully tested i will definitely buy baltic servers Services Mohsin .
2015-09-11 A++ Bltvander .
2015-09-11 Support ticket had been attended by you staff in an efficient and timely manner. Oded transformational Technologies p ltd
2015-09-02 Thanks for the quick response Shine M.
2015-08-26 I do appreciate your support and would love to continue subscribing for your services. If business goes well, I would love to pay for a year subscription ! Thanks again for your support ! Emerson E.
2015-08-17 great support, I did as instructed and now everything works flawlessly. Thank You THT SERVICE LIMITED
2015-08-15 Very good customer service Daniel kambale M.
2015-08-12 Always professional Thankyou! Pale-systems
2015-08-11 The support answered back pretty fast and helped me out. It's good that Baltic Servers has all computer platforms to test out the problem. Big Thumbsup! -stian stianwest
2015-08-10 GPU are cheap get more GPU!!!! Yannier L.
2015-07-30 resolvido com sucesso! givadesigner
2015-07-21 Very professional and understanding response from Baltic when I emailed them BUZINGA APP DEVELOPMENT
2015-07-20 thank you for the good service you provide, thanks for Jonas Grigaliūnas overseas
2015-07-15 The support i was provided was excellent. Kind Regards Paul C.
2015-07-12 thank u Baltic Servers ur the best ever :) Mody A.
2015-07-09 I am extremely impressed with the prompt and professional service I received from Baltic Servers Support. My problem was resolved and email answered within 40 minutes of my initial report. Well done Baltic. Exceptional service!! Spa Net Pty Ltd
2015-07-01 The person was very responsive and accurate. thank you
2015-06-27 Good and fast support. Only the new shutdown at 30.06. for a few hours was not great. PNOS
2015-06-20 The tech who assisted me was incredibly prompt and polite! Great customer service! troyw
2015-06-19 Excellent Paul C.
2015-06-09 very fast and good support. im happy! .
2015-05-30 Great Support! Thank you Albano N/A
2015-05-07 Great support.Perfect service.Thank you! Albano! N/A
2015-04-29 i am really happy with your services and really appreciate your support Thank You, Azigee .
2015-04-28 Fast and efficient! thanks. Michel T.
2015-04-25 Great, Great, Great Support. Thank you very much. N/A
2015-04-12 Quick response and resolution of support requests, thank you! Chitra R.
2015-04-10 The support and services is ++++ Note A++++ , Thank you Frances V.
2015-04-09 A good company, but is an excellent Good service and good managers I'm happy to deal with you thnx. Mody A.
2015-04-07 Good service so far. Superuser .
2015-04-01 Vitalijus was quick, polite and efficient. What else asking from support? Thank you. Veilleevintuit .
2015-03-23 baltic servers have a great customer support service any merchant can rely on any day, any time, quick response, truthful, dependable and supportive, i hope to have a long relationship with you guys. keep it up. RedBall
2015-03-20 Thanks for your great service! Piotr L.
2015-03-19 Fast support and excellent help! N/A
2015-03-17 BEST hosting dotal159
2015-03-14 This time we received a realy usefull help. Our problem was solved not only temporaly, but this time the issue was completly resolved.THANKs for Jonas Grigaliūnas Wallmer Promotion Corp
2015-03-12 Great support Wallmer Promotion Corp
2015-03-09 Agile and impeccable client service! Integral Solutions Ltd
2015-03-07 great service and and find the solution fast novalayer
2015-03-04 Thank you for your awesome support. N/A
2015-03-02 Dear Tomas Peleckis... Excuse me, but I want to say this: You are the perfect man. Thanks so much for your paying attention and interesting to situation. Now I am happy :):):):):):) Nadi
2015-03-02 I'm happy, because they fix my problem instead of telling me what to do, and that's save me a lot of time. Ihab S.
2015-02-28 I liked your very fast Tech Support and dedicated servers almost instant delivery compared to other companies. I'm the one of your happy clients. Agaevailona .
2015-02-17 Fantastic Ajay kuriakose J.
2015-02-11 Agile and good service N/A
2015-02-08 Great service.Thank you. Albano! N/A
2015-01-31 very fast and efficient Nathan O.
2015-01-30 Really fast response, and expected result. Thanks, Cadens
2015-01-30 The assistance was greatly appreciated, however you may wish to look at why your KVM's freeze so often, we have identical supermicro chassis in our own data centre and after a bios update and ipmi update, they work flawlessly in comparison. CreeperHost LTD
2015-01-28 It went well, fast response, A++ service. osvaluk
2015-01-26 Fast reaction. Great! Yarikyalt .
2015-01-26 it s perfect , more that i m waiting . thank you Badie O.
2015-01-21 Thank you very much, everything quickly and professionally. UAB „ARMPLAST“
2015-01-20 all fine! sympatic and professional support Strehler T.
2015-01-19 thanks for very helpful support! i learned something :-) Strehler T.
2015-01-19 Good Service Support VND Infomedia
2015-01-18 You have a great teem to support us thank you Mohamed A.
2015-01-16 Issue was resolve professionally. Thanks Jdlc .
2015-01-13 you have a great team, suppot and sales, thank u sipmatics
2015-01-04 Very very fast - thankyou Nathan O.
2015-01-04 Very quick and professional. Nathan O.
2015-01-03 Fantastic work, quick and professional. Nathan O.
2014-12-23 Thanks, great support with patience STASEO
2014-12-18 Greate service! N/A
2014-12-16 Got useful answer, quickly Netfilmekhosting .
2014-12-16 Very Helpful and supportive. No regrets of choosing their service till date Ajay kuriakose J.
2014-12-12 AAAA+++++++++ Liciu C.
2014-12-11 Very fast and efficient resolution Nathan O.
2014-12-07 AAAAAAA+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Geneva M.
2014-12-03 fast reply with helpful answers Airfree S. A.
2014-11-28 Issue was handled well Jdlc .
2014-11-27 support was fast Jdlc .
2014-11-25 Good job done UAB GALOME
2014-11-24 Everything fine, asap, as always. Thanks Ecosales Mavropoulos Panagiotis
2014-11-16 LOVE THE SUPPORT FROM Baltic Servers Carole D.
2014-11-09 thank you four your fast response and quick outcome. Michael R.
2014-11-04 good job Joseph b C.
2014-11-02 thank you a lot , for your best support Dodoaska M.
2014-10-31 It turned out in the end I simply did not fully understand your interface for assigning IP addresses to my dedicated servers. As he always does for me, Darius proactively reached out to me via Skype to show me how to perform this in your web interface so that i won't have to bother you guys again in the future, and this was very much appreciated! Ed T.
2014-10-26 I am so happy to find such services at BalticServers. The contact with the support team was very fast and the team was helpfull. Pls continue in your friendly services. Best Regads Thomas Thomas L.
2014-10-25 Thankyou. I would highly recommend your services Josh .
2014-10-24 Quick, solid response, excellent as always Nathan O.
2014-10-23 Thanks, all ok Sngtrans
2014-10-22 quick response, they provided a good direction to the solution of the problem. N/A
2014-10-14 Great customer service! rolandasrss
2014-10-13 Thanks to Mrs. Ruta and Gediminas. Baris Y.
2014-10-10 very well. im was happy with the fast professional sympatic and helpful support N/A
2014-10-08 Very quick response and resolved to my fullest satisfaction with the first reply. Well done :) sentiware d.o.o.
2014-10-04 Any problems ...which are few and far between are always fixed straight away well done to you all!! Pale-systems
2014-09-27 Great customer service, everything resolved very quickly. Nathan O.
2014-09-26 Fantastic service, very quickly resolve, and all issues positively fixed. Nathan O.
2014-09-26 Great service. Top voice, SIA
2014-09-23 Express service as always....Thank you balticservers Ecosales Mavropoulos Panagiotis
2014-09-16 Very quick and positive response, issue resolved, great service as always. Nathan O.
2014-09-16 quick and very very helpful! Foxyvgs .
2014-09-16 Excellent thank you Paul C.
2014-09-15 Thank you very much for your attention. All our requests are executed in the best possible way. We have a pleasure to work with you. Best regards, Ignite Outsourcing Ignite Outsourcing
2014-09-14 very good support Macimport OÜ
2014-09-13 sorry didnt regonized your offer for help... never mind. all its fine, thanks. good support! N/A
2014-09-12 all was fine and helpful thanks Jaime abadal M.
2014-09-11 was my fault. all is fine. sorry for waste your time Jaime abadal M.
2014-09-11 good and fast support N/A
2014-09-10 Excellent support much appreciated Paul C.
2014-09-09 excellent service and help Laki H.
2014-09-09 The problem was fixed fast. Thank you Foxyvgs .
2014-09-08 Thank you for your fast response and great client service , my problem is solved it was a bug in my browser and i changed it islamicode
2014-09-05 Always a good experience when dealing with you guys Thankyou! Pale-systems
2014-09-05 good operator Marc H.
2014-09-05 very good support TANIKO
2014-09-05 they are good quickly replays , help full ,know your needs , perfect ! Fool .
2014-09-04 really fast and nice! Service .
2014-08-28 good and fast job! thanks Strehler T.
2014-08-27 Top quality great thanks Sebastien P.
2014-08-25 Perfect customer support! Thank YOu! :-) Saparis .
2014-08-22 Very fast, when I saw it said I would get a response in 24 hours I thought oh boy this is gonna take some time but I got a response within a minute after posting and got my issue resolved quicker than I thought it would have. Definitely gonna refer my friends to you. N/A
2014-08-18 Great Support, quick accurate and friendly. N/A
2014-08-15 Thanks, "rebuild server" was exactly the right command!
2014-08-15 Fastest support and great servers as I've seen so far! If you need any help they are always here to help you. Servers are really amazing and perfect prices for a GPU servers.. I could not find any GPU server providers like them.. BalticServers is the best :) Mehmet Y.
2014-08-11 the server hardware fix was done very fast! Zimen .
2014-08-07 Excellent work, very impressed. Thankyou. Nathan O.
2014-08-07 Very impressive and fast. Thankyou. Nathan O.
2014-07-11 I am satisfied Abdellah C.
2014-07-01 Support team are cooperative, will full of skills. N/A
2014-06-24 Well done. Thanks. Daferson Developments Limited
2014-06-23 greatest support ever N/A
2014-06-20 Everyone was very helpful. Appreciated the quick responses. Jordan Freda Company
2014-06-20 So far best sales and tech support I ever encountered, Respect Julius! and Darius! KUDOOS! :) N/A
2014-06-19 Great service. Fast and Pro. Very happy! .
2014-06-19 BalticServers offers cost-effective and dependable solutions that are paired with a high reliability level of satisfaction from their technical support and sales staff. Ed Tella, Proprietor of HypervisedServers, LLC
2014-06-19 we are happy with the service so far and your suppport is very good also N/A
2014-06-17 My problem has been solved in no time! Good service! Artus Design
2014-06-17 Baltic Servers has been the best partner there can be by quickly solving any problems that may arise and coming up with solutions to custom requirements. Lix Solutions
2014-06-17 For the past few years that we have been working with Baltic Servers I have received satisfactory professional and friendly support. BalticServers is a very flexible and trusted partner. MB Totus Data
2014-06-11 Good support team. Always go to meet customer. Sergomor
2014-06-08 Best Datacenter experience ever, I hope you continue your support this way and you will have great success. Empresarial host
2014-06-06 Fast and friendly support. Texas.10
2014-06-01 Thank you, always reply and solve the problems asap.Panagiotis Ecosales Mavropoulos Panagiotis
2014-05-22 Very fast response. thanks. UA Developers LLC
2014-05-22 Fast courteous response and great customer service! Daniel N.
2014-05-16 Good Job, Most of time problem resolved quickly, BUt sometimes response time is Much hire, But overall positive feedback Syed ashar A.
2014-05-03 Tomas has been really good dealing with me and Baltic Servers are the best Thankyou for a great experience!! Pale-systems
2014-04-29 Perfect. I am glad somebody did the job. It is really important for me. Now I know that your support works. That is the most important thing for me. Thank you. Jan jan.palencar
2014-04-24 Friendly service. Thanks once again. Frank M.
2014-04-17 Your service is really excellent. Frank M.
2014-04-16 Excellent service!!! Thanks a lot for your help Luis arturo P.
2014-04-15 nice work good team!!! u guys are great kosyano4u
2014-04-08 very fast response and helped me allot . Great support Ghet L.
2014-04-08 Very well help and support. Amed
2014-04-07 very good sales and support , fast help. Amed
2014-04-04 they are the best and they did everything and run up our website thanks and lets see how it works. Thanks to Tech and Sale Team. Abed Saeedi Abed S.
2014-03-31 Thank you for the quick fix! Annabet
2014-03-21 I am new to your services and I had some trouble At start but always helped me kind and friendly. Thank you for that. Cedric.hinrichs
2014-03-20 Good servive, fast response and for all problems are solutions :) NZBSPots
2014-03-19 love all baltic family! Baris Y.
2014-03-19 I think Mr. Jonas fix my problem before he reply, and thats help me alot, thank you all. Ihab S.
2014-03-12 Thanks. Really great support service and reply speed. Highly client oriented company. Thats the best one host I ever had! MB Baltish
2014-03-12 hey provide me nice support thanks Ronnie B.
2014-03-06 I like your fast action! Blue Capstone oy
2014-03-04 your help is always effective. Very good support. keep it up. thank you Abdellah C.
2014-02-27 +++++ best support .i try more hosting company , but the baltic servers are number one . thank you Claudia B.
2014-02-25 Very good support. Thank you! SIA KIPS
2014-02-21 Thank you for the amazing service! Gavin M.
2014-02-21 very fast, very friendly, 100% best Service Pic4free GmbH
2014-02-19 My best experience with BalticServers is your dependable and professional customer service that goes beyond expectations. University of Toronto
2014-02-16 A++ services and good support Gale N.
2014-02-12 Viajes Urbis
2014-02-12 Great service Plano Engineering
2014-02-07 best services, thank you balticservers team Zlatin M.
2014-01-31 Great service, really quick response. Suuz Personal Design
2014-01-30 good evening great service quick response well thank you Eric F.
2014-01-27 FANTASTIC Company 100/100 n.darnakh
2014-01-20 very good support Morteza N.
2014-01-20 fast and professionally. thanks Albert B.
2014-01-18 This Hosting It's Verry Good Hosting ! freshloqka
2014-01-18 Always there to solve the problems. Thanks Evaggelia L.
2014-01-14 Matter resolved in timely manner. Zero complaints. Branislav R.
2014-01-12 Very positive support, thanks "Astros navigaciju centras"
2014-01-07 Very helpful. Thank you. Andrew M.
2014-01-01 Thank you. I am very very satisfied Abdellah C.
2013-12-24 I never have any problems that they cant fix well done to you guys and gals Pale-systems
2013-12-18 Many thanks for your quick response and assistance UAB Euroga
2013-12-16 Excellent support. Thanks!!! Faruque A.
2013-12-15 good support, thank you! Anh L.
2013-12-13 I'm very satisfied with the service. Javier M.
2013-12-11 Sentiware d.o.o.
2013-12-09 fastest support ever thanks ruta :) mawasim
2013-12-05 support was very fast! TeamViewer GmbH
2013-12-04 Perfect! Thank you very much VIAJES URBIS
2013-12-04 Thank you for notifying the problem and providing all support to solve it. Ajay Kuriakose J.
2013-11-25 Oleg K.
2013-11-24 best services thanks Tom T.
2013-11-21 Always reliable and really helpful Great service Thanks Pale-systems
2013-11-20 It's a very positive response . And very fast. Thanks a lot. Javier M.
2013-11-11 Quick response, good command of English, nothing to complain about. Branislav R.
2013-11-11 Quickly support. That is great! Stanislavs V.
2013-11-07 quick and perfect service. Thanks VIAJES URBIS
2013-11-01 Always there when you need anything, thank you Ecosales Mavropoulos Panagiotis
2013-10-25 All questions are answered very quickly. I do think that discounts should be given to long term customers...but that can wait . Well done to all at Balticservers Pale-systems
2013-10-17 Fast! Convenient! Fare price! gerdt.oleg
2013-10-09 Thank you for fast tasks solving speed! Brilliant! satkauskas
2013-10-09 Thanks for sovling the issue on time. Adeel A.
2013-10-08 Great support. Very talented staff. Instant replies. Really Great.
2013-10-05 Tomas Peleckis is very attentive, he understood what I wanted and he made the necessary for me to obtain. very reactive, I hope it stays the same. Messner N.
2013-10-03 Very good service.Thanks Ecosales Mavropoulos Panagiotis
2013-10-02 Good job done, thank you Baltic Servers UAB GALOME
2013-10-01 I'm happy with customer service more than the service itself! thanks Ahmed R.
2013-10-01 Prompt and proper replies. Would recommend. Thomas J.
2013-09-29 I'll be back any time soon! Incredible products and over all services! I'm recommending balticservers to all my friends. Garcia_josmon
2013-09-28 Excellent service, thanks Ecosales Mavropoulos Panagiotis
2013-09-27 Support answered quickly and the server was delivered the same day. Very good service. Janos J.
2013-09-26 Geed service. Thanks ! Aleksandr S.
2013-09-25 thanks for your cooperation at first sight, I am very satisfied. I hope I can keep up with you for a long time thanks /MirkoDT Mirko davide tiziano V.
2013-09-23 super +++++++++++++++++++
2013-09-17 Outstanding service! Jordan M.
2013-09-12 Very good! It's very fast admin
2013-09-04 TeamViewer GmbH
2013-08-28 Till now everything is just perfect. Support team answered all my questions in just few minutes. I received high quality service. Edward B.
2013-08-26 Nice Prompt response to my enquiry...Thanks. haggerty.70
2013-08-23 Support engineer answered my questions thoroughly. cdasco
2013-08-22 fast response, thanks ragoon
2013-08-22 Issue has been resolved and the support ticket was answered very fast, it's much appreciated. Christopher D.
2013-08-21 Very helpful, very fast and helped me solve the problem Leandro F.
2013-08-15 Very good services helpful support A++ andrius171
2013-08-07 operative, fast and well done, thanks for solving my prob jurgita.surpliene
2013-08-06 Issue was resolved. Thanks! Christopher D.
2013-08-04 Wonderful work and And excellent technical support Mohammed S.
2013-08-01 Support answered my question fast and in detail, its much appreciated! Christopher D.
2013-07-29 Thank you very much for the rapid response Erix E.
2013-07-19 nice too much Mostafa A.
2013-07-19 what I like about the support staff is the speed and also accuracy. Abdellah C.
2013-07-15 really fast service, solved my issue in less than 24 hours! Thank you:)
2013-07-10 Best host i ever had :) Holm Jackson handelsbolag
2013-06-23 thanks andrius! Kris S.
2013-06-20 Great service! Jose P.
2013-06-19 Good customer service, answers always very fast. Pedro V.
2013-06-17 Оперативно, без лишних вопросов. Доволен, так продолжать и развиваться. Vitalij Š.
2013-06-13 Very fast answer. Clear and precise answer. Very good specialist ! Thank you for your good services ! dolu89
2013-06-06 It's realy good and fast service. We are glad to have such supliers as You.
2013-05-30 Thanks for giving good services. Adeel A.
2013-05-28 Keep it up! Been a customer for over 1 year and dont plan to go anyware!! LOVE FROM CHILE. Jose P.
2013-05-24 Among the best! Chitra R.
2013-05-21 Service and support of the highest order. Chitra R.
2013-05-21 Really, i want to thank every person working in Baltic Servers, many thanks from LIBYA Mohammad A.
2013-05-21 these guys and gals are brilliant and so very helpfull. Great service!! Pale-systems
2013-05-21 Great Thankyou for being so good!! Pale-systems
2013-05-16 Very helpful, I got answer very fast, Excelent martynux333
2013-05-06 good and fast response rushon_4life
2013-05-03 verry good in support hoanganh483
2013-04-30 My opinion is very positive. I got immediately a response from your support and the problem was solved on the same day. The support was friendly. I really appreciated that. Best regards PNOS
2013-04-26 Fast responce and a quick solution. Good service Johnny A.
2013-04-19 I am really happy that i have got the real mean of support in the host server market. resellernepal
2013-04-06 As always excellent assistance. Yasir R.
2013-04-04 Customer Support is highly appreciated. Adeel A.
2013-03-30 Great support! You guys are always so helpful while maintaining a great deal of service flexibility. Chris N.
2013-03-20 Andrius is always kind and responsive / the best for people in the US / English to contact. Very friendly. Kris S.
2013-03-10 Good fast service on a Sunday! James K.
2013-03-05 Ed T.
2013-02-08 Awesome customer service guys! :) Artus Design
2013-02-03 just i want to thank you for your quickly response alserajnet
2012-12-25 your services are very Good... thanks for everything Mohammad A.
2012-12-14 I am really pleased with the service and help your people have given me well done to you all!! Kind Regards Barclay Pale-systems
2012-12-11 You really helped me with my problem vilius


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