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whmcs for resellers Module Instructions

To make reselling process easier, we provide our Resellers with our WHMCS module. Just download zip file and follow up the instructions below. You can also follow up instructions directly on our github profile.

Download ZIP Balticservers whmcs module download


Obtaining Balticservers Reseller Account

In order to get Balticservers Reseller Account contact us at by telling the IP where your WHMCS is reached.



Install module by following these steps:

Create 'balticservers' folder in WHMCS server modules directory: $ mkdir ./public_html/modules/servers/balticservers
Extract all files to created folder.

Product configuration


Follow these steps in order to configure resold servers:

Login to the administration panel and head over to Setup -> Products/Services -> Products/Services.
After clicking 'Create a New Product', choose 'Dedicated/VPS Server' from Product Type list.
Type anything in 'Product Name' field. This indicates configured product name.
Choose anything from 'Product Group' (optional).
Pick one of 'Welcome Email' and uncheck 'Require Domain' if so desired.
By opening 'Pricing' tab setup resold server payments and prices.

Module Settings

Module preparation.

Open 'Module Settings' tab.
Choose 'Balticservers' from 'Module Name' list.
Enter your client ID and password which were obtained from Balticservers.
Select the server you would like to resell from 'Product' list.
Change 'Period' or/and 'Currency'.
Save changes.


Servers reservation

Server is reserved for use after the order and will be prepared depending on server type.

VPS and Hybrid servers takes from 5-10 minutes to prepare and install the software.
Custom servers (EKO, Opti) take longer time to prepare, it takes from 1 to 72 hours to approve and prepare.


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